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Professional development & consulting

Building Healthy Communities & Organizations

MCFS utilizes a Multicultural Engagement Framework (MEF) that supports organizations and businesses seeking to:

  • Increase awareness of learned prejudices and hidden cultural assumptions within an organization.

  • Acquire cultural skill sets to increase the level of cross-cultural conflict resolution and creative problem solving within the workplace.

  • Increase organization capacity to have cultural conversations about multiculturalism through intercultural lenses.

  • Engage multicultural communities

MCFS Multicultural Engagement Framework Offers:

  • Innovative ways to move beyond traditional program planning, community engagement and conflict resolution.

  • Cross Cultural Trainings for groups and organizations

Services Provided:

  1. Professional Development:

    • leadership coaching

    • racial equity workshop and trainings

    • small group & team-based multicultural training

    • Cultural and language competency workshops and trainings

    • Home care employee compliance training

    • Palava Hut Conversations convening and facilitation

  2. Consultation Services:

    • professional analysis, insight, and recommendations to organizations & businesses on multicultural issues.


Culturally & Racial Healthy Organizations

Reach out to us

To get more information, please contact Donna Smith at or call 484-461-3885.

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