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Palava Hut Pattern
Palava Hut Pattern
A Liberian Palava Hut

Palava Hut conversations

Building Healthy Communities

The “Palava Hut” is a traditional alternative to justice and accountability approach. As its name depicts, the Palava Hut was originally a specific structure or place where people of a community gathered to discuss matters that concerned their general welfare, whether they were matters related to justice, territorial and human security, land and misdemeanor, among others.

New Palava Hut Conversations Coming Soon! 

Arican map

Below are flyer links to Palava Hut Conversations held at the Multicultural Community Family Services in Upper Darby, PA.

1. Opioids Use within the Immigrant Community

3. Immigrant Community's Response to COVID-19

4. The Experiences of African Immigrants using Technology for Health Care

5. Public Health Services in Delaware County

6. Meet & Greet with Upper Darby Township Leaders

7. Conversation with Upper Darby School Administration & Families of Senkow Elementary School

8. Conversation with the Candidates Running for Upper Darby Township Office

2. Conversation with the Candidates Running for the 2022 DELCO Election

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