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Elders' circle

Building Healthy Communities

Elders Circle is an adult day program that offers services and supports to diverse seniors residing in Philadelphia and Delaware Counties.​ The services offered include:

  • group counseling

  • social and cultural engagement activities

  • community gardening

  • food assistance

  • nutrition prevention and wellness workshops

  • arts and crafts

  • community field trips

Currently, to protect our elders from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Elders Circle members are meeting via phone twice a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays). If you are interested in joining the Elders Circle, please reach out to us.

Coming Soon!

Elders Circle members' face-to-face interaction is to resume in July 2024!

Reach out to us

For more information, please contact Dr. Patricia Divine-Jackson at 484-461-8660.

“[Attending Elders Circle] was the turning point in my life. I experienced togetherness with other seniors, through the activities that were provided by staff members. I suddenly experienced a huge change in my life, from being alone and depressed to being happier, confident and more engaging. I learned new skills like sewing, knitting, crocheting and engaging into therapeutic group activities. I was able to share my experiences of the loss of my husband, my accident and the life I had prior to his passing."

- Susannah Sneh from Liberia

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